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Oil temperature machine problem repair solution

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As a common temperature control machine and equipment in industrialization, oil temperature machine has been widely used and used. So, if the oil temperature machine has a common fault of some significance, how do you know how to repair and solve it? Clouder

As a common temperature control machine and equipment in industrialization, oil temperature machine has been widely used and used. So, if the oil temperature machine has a common fault of some significance, how do you know how to repair and solve it? Cloud Precision gives you a reference answer. /on 键后,指示灯不点亮, 出现异常缘故 :1, 电路板常见故障 ;2, 融断 ;3, 旋钮开关坏。 After pressing the power / on key, the indicator does not light up, and there are abnormal reasons : 1. Common circuit board failure ; 2. Fuse ; 3. Rotary switch is broken.

1 、更换电路板; 2 、更换断路器。 Production and processing methods: 1. Replace the circuit board; 2. Replace the circuit breaker.

: 电源线相连接 Pump reverse indicator light is on, abnormal cause of broken bridge : power line is connected

: 关掉总开关电源,转换电源插头的 r t 部位,请替换成保护器。 Solution : Turn off the main switch power supply, and change the r and t parts of the power plug , please replace it with a protector.

  Fuel shortage indicator

:1 、车用汽油不够 2 、机械设备一部分漏油 3 、液位开关误动作。 Abnormal reasons : 1. Insufficient gasoline for vehicles 2. Oil leakage from some mechanical equipment 3. The level switch malfunctions.

1 、根据要求确定导热油的填充; 2 、确定介质分配管塞; 3 、清洗液位开关或更换。 Treatment method: 1. Determine the filling of heat transfer oil according to the requirements; 2. Determine the plug of the medium distribution pipe; 3. Clean the level switch or replace it.

   Over temperature display

:1. 加热接触器堵塞; 2. 电路板的加热一直输出; 3. 超温保护开关的错误动作。 The abnormal cause of the break : 1. The heating contactor is blocked; 2. The heating of the circuit board is always output; 3. The wrong action of the over-temperature protection switch.

:1, 更换交流接触器 ;2, 更换 PC ;3, 更换超温隔热保温控制板。 Production and processing methods : 1, replace the AC contactor ; 2, replace the PC board ; 3, replace the ultra-high temperature insulation control board.

:1 、制冷继电器阻塞损坏 2 、加热管烧蚀 3 、基钢板常见故障 4 、压力开关工作中。 Unable to warm up due to abnormal reasons : 1. Blocking and damage of the cooling relay 2. Ablation of the heating tube 3. Common failure of the base steel plate 4. The pressure switch is working.

1 、除去继电器内的水孔并开展清理; 2 、拆换电加热器 / 线路板; 3 、查验压力开关。 Solution: 1. Remove the water holes in the relay and carry out cleaning; 2. Remove the electric heater / circuit board; 3. Check the pressure switch.

:1 、继电器阻塞、电磁阀线圈老化 2. 制冷进水阀未开启。 There is an abnormal reason for not being able to cool down : 1 , the relay is blocked, the solenoid valve coil is aging 2. The cooling water inlet valve is not opened.

:1. 清理或拆换继电器; 2. 开启冷却水 / 确定冷却水的进出口贸易有没有触碰。 Rupture solution : 1. Clean or replace the relay; 2. Turn on the cooling water / make sure the import and export trade of the cooling water is not touching.

1 、开关电源工作电压出现异常或位置异常; 2 、有杂散入泵壳; 3 、热管散热差; 4 、热过载继电器操作失误 / 老化。 The pump overload indicator lights up because of abnormalities: 1. There is an abnormality or abnormal position in the working voltage of the switching power supply; 2. There is stray in the pump housing; 3. The heat pipe has poor heat dissipation;

:1, 更换泵 ;2, 去除热继电器误差 ;3, 消除过载原因 , 按动力开关键 , 开始重新启动。 Treatment methods : 1.Replace the pump ; 2.Remove the error of the thermal relay ; 3.Remove the cause of the overload . Press the power key to start the restart.

Oil-type mold temperature machine

/ 停止键泵不运作原因 :1 、未接通电源 2. 显示其他异常。 According to the operation / stop key, the pump does not work. Reasons : 1. The power is not connected 2. Other abnormalities are displayed.

1 、开电; 2 、清除问题情况。 Solution: 1. Power on; 2. Clear the problem.

Serr 或回油温度显示错玛出现缘故 :1, 热电阻松动 / 老化 ;2, 线路板操作失误 The temperature controller displays Serr or the return oil temperature shows the wrong cause : 1.The thermal resistance is loose / aging ; 2.The circuit board is operating incorrectly .

1 、拆换热电偶 / 温度控制仪 / 线路板; 2 、触碰后市场销售。 Solution: 1. Dismantle the thermocouple / temperature controller / circuit board; 2. Market after touching.

For the summary of the common problems related to the common troubleshooting of the oil temperature machine, I hope that users can master it. As a common temperature-controlled machine and equipment, it can reduce the heating time of the grinding tool, improve the surface quality of the finished product, and manufacture automatically. In order to maximize the life of the mold temperature machine, daily maintenance is essential.

First, what is the usual maintenance of the oil temperature machine?

在初始运用前查验冷却循环水的使用量和循环系统状况,维护保养周边的清洁卫生,降低清理 (1) Check the amount of cooling and circulating water and the condition of the circulation system before the initial operation, maintain the sanitation of the surroundings, and reduce cleaning

依据物质挑选适度的检修方法,对物质的模温机为水,以确保高品质的水体能够被阻塞,不容易经营规模。 2. Select a proper maintenance method based on the material. The mold temperature of the material is water to ensure that high-quality water can be blocked and it is not easy to manage the scale. Change the oil temperature of the oil temperature machine for a month or two to prevent the temperature from rising;

Regularly check the oil pump, oil pump and water pump for oil and water leakage. If necessary, replace the pump shaft seal regularly;

、针对电气设备构件,依据构件的使用寿命适度更换、按时检测,一般在高溫 200 ℃左右时,必须 5 月上下更换 4. For the components of electrical equipment, replace them appropriately according to the service life of the components and detect them on time. Generally, when the temperature is about 200 ℃, they must be replaced in May .

在管道中,有必要根据泵与压力之间的关系判断管道是否堵塞。 5. In the pipeline, it is necessary to judge whether the pipeline is blocked according to the relationship between the pump and the pressure.

Second, how to clean the mold temperature machine?

Next, I would like to introduce in detail the products of the oil temperature machine cleaners of the company.

It is a high-efficiency cleaning agent used to clean up the oil control circuit system software based on the basic principle of the oil temperature machine structure and the natural environment on the spot. This product has excellent hydrophilicity, emulsion, and ability to remove oil coke. According to oxidation, it can quickly penetrate to the bottom of carbon deposits, melt, disperse, and remove various hard oil stains and carbon deposits. Widely used in heavy oil pollution, oil coke and drilling mud cleaning of temperature engine oil system software.

Product Features

pH 7 ,中性,大部分金属复合材料安全性无腐蚀,残液挥发完全,挥发后不留痕迹,为环保清洗剂,快速溶出率是本产品的典型特征,可重用和具有成本效益。 The degreasing environment pollution ability can be trusted, convenient and efficient. The pH is 7 , neutral. Most metal composite materials are safe and non-corrosive. The residual liquid is completely volatilized, leaving no trace after volatilization. It is an environmentally friendly cleaning agent. The rapid dissolution rate is this product. The typical characteristics are reusable and cost-effective.

Scope of application

用于模温机油路系统中重油垢、油焦、油泥的清洗。 1. Used for cleaning heavy oil scale, oil coke and oil sludge in the mold temperature machine oil circuit system.

用作油道热交换器管路中焦碳和碳的清理。 2. Used for cleaning coke and carbon in oil pipeline heat exchanger pipes.

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